BU Meetings 1975-2017

Year AGM General Meeting Management Committee Meetings Specialist Events
1975 Madrid, Spain Sydney, Australia Stockholm, Sweden

New Delhi, India

Amsterdam, Netherlands
[Security Based on Foreign Exchange Earnings of Project Exchange Risk Guarantees]
1976 Cannes, France Munich, Germany Copenhagen, Denmark

Washington, D.C. USA

1977 Oslo, Norway Zurich, Switzerland Hong Kong

Brussels, Belgium

Madrid, Spain [Country Underwriting]
1978 Berlin, Germany London, UK Helsinki, Finland

Sydney, Australia

1979 Brussels, Belgium Buenos Aires, Argentina Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cannes, France

Vienna, Austria [Claims]
1980 Tokyo, Japan Goa, India Rome, Italy

London, UK

Brussels, Belgium [Project
1981 Stockholm, Sweden Madeira, Portugal Vienna, Austria

Hamburg, Germany

Paris, France [Short Term Underwriting]
1982 Ottawa, Canada Hong Kong Srinagar, India

Hong Kong

1983 Edinburgh, UK Auckland, New Zealand Barcelona, Spain Hamburg, Germany [Country Underwriting]
1984 Montreux, Switzerland San Francisco, USA Seoul, Korea

San Francisco, USA

Vienna, Austria [Claims]
1985 Amsterdam, Netherlands Taormina, Italy Jerusalem, Israel Copenhagen, Denmark [Premium]
1986 Helsinki, Finland Singapore Guimaraes, Portugal


Colombo, Sri Lanka [Short Term Export Credit Insurance: Meeting the Demand]
1987 Seoul, Korea Cancun, Mexico Cancun, Mexico

Nicosia, Cyprus

Kowloon, Hong Kong [Credit Information and Short Term Underwriting]
1988 Algarve, Portugal Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia

Washington, D.C. USA

Madrid, Spain [Claims and Recoveries]
1989 Copenhagen, Denmark Montego Bay, Jamaica Copenhagen, Denmark

Brussels, Belgium

Bodo, Norway [Investment Insurance]
1990 Riva del Garda, Italy Hong Kong Hong Kong Amsterdam, Netherlands
1991 Salzburg, Austria Cannes, France Cannes, France Windsor, UK [Short Term Underwriting in Developed Markets and in Eastern Europe]
1992 Harare, Zimbabwe Colombo, Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka Cape Town, South Africa [Country Risk Underwriting]
1993 Brussels, Belgium Interlaken, Switzerland Interlaken, Switzerland

London, UK

Rome, Italy [Claims]
1994 Oaxaca, Mexico Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany

London, UK

Montreal, Canada [Marketing and Selling Short Term Export Credit Insurance]

Ottawa, Canada [Project Finance]

1995 Buenos Aires, Argentina Seville, Spain Seville, Spain

London, UK

Amsterdam, Netherlands [Short Term Business]

Brussels, Belgium [Project Finance and Multi-Sourcing]

1996 Kyoto, Japan Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm, Sweden

London, UK

Seoul, Korea [Country Underwriting and Political Risks]

London, UK [Electronic Communications]

Washington, D.C. USA [Project Finance]

1997 New Delhi, India London, UK London, UK London, UK [Claims and Recoveries]

Beijing, China [Project Finance]

1998 Cape Town, South Africa London, UK London, UK London, UK [Short Term Business]

London, UK [Medium & Long Term Corporate Risks]

1999 Istanbul, Turkey London, UK Brussels, Belgium [Small & Medium Sized Exporters]

London, UK [Data Protection]

Berlin, Germany [Project Finance]

2000 Amsterdam, Netherlands Washington, D.C. USA Lisbon, Portugal [Marketing and Selling Short Term Export Credit Insurance]

Munich, Germany [Portfolio Risk Management]

Oslo, Norway [Ship Finance]

Zurich, Switzerland [Electronics (Joint BU/ICISA)]

2001 Biarritz, France Madrid, Spain London, UK Ottawa, Canada [Environment]

Taipei [Country Risk]

Rome, Italy [Investment Insurance]

Paris, France [Sub-Sovereign Risks]

Amsterdam, Netherlands [Co-operation Agreements]

2002 Prague, Czech Republic Beijing, China Prague, Czech
RepublicBeijing, China

London, UK

Madrid, Spain [Claims and Recoveries]

Basel, Switzerland [Basel II]

London, UK [Project Finance]

2003 Merida, Mexico Vienna, Austria Merida, Mexico

London, UK

Ottawa, Canada [Reputation Risk]

Moscow, Russia [Russian Roundtable]

London, UK [Underwriting US Corporate Risks]

2004 Taipei Oslo, Norway Taipei

London, UK

Vienna, Austria [Corporate Risks]

Zurich, Switzerland [Intranet]

Brussels, Belgium [HIPC]

Amsterdam, Netherlands [SMEs (Joint BU/ICISA)]

2005 Hamburg, Germany Zurich, Switzerland Hamburg, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

Shanghai, China [Chinese Buyers]

Helsinki, Finland [Ship Finance]

2006 Amsterdam, Netherlands Hong Kong London, UK

Copenhagen, Denmark

Paris, France [Investment Insurance]

Berlin, Germany [Local Currency Finance]

Rome, Italy [Portfolio Management]

Washington, D.C. USA [Project Finance]

2007 New Delhi, India Ljubljana, Slovenia New Delhi, India

London, UK

Warren NJ, USA [Reporting]

Miami, USA [Country Risk]

Washington, D.C. USA [Local Currency Finance]

2008 Banff, Canada Sydney, Australia London, UK

Paris, France

Sydney, Australia

Warren NJ, USA [Meetings Reporting Matters]

Cape Town, South Africa [Doing Business in Africa]

Amsterdam, Netherlands [Risk Transfer]

2009 Seoul, Korea Istanbul, Turkey London, UK

Paris, France

Hamburg, Germany [Claims and Recoveries]

Rome, Italy [ECA Funding]

2010 Cape Town, South Africa Helsinki, Finland London, UK Vienna, Austria [Claims and Recoveries]

Oslo, Norway [Ship Finance]

Paris, France [Basel II/III and Solvency II]

2011 Budapest, Hungary Taipei London, UK Copenhagen, Denmark [Commercial Risks]

Washington, D.C. USA [G20 Meeting]

Amsterdam, Netherlands [Project Finance]

2012 Stockholm, Sweden Brussels, Belgium London, UK Warsaw, Poland [Claims and Recoveries]

Hong Kong [Claims and Recoveries Technical Meeting]

2013 Vienna, Austria New York, USA London, UK Madrid, Spain [Country Risk]

Helsinki, Finland [Commercial Risk Rating and Pricing]

Rome, Italy [Claims and Recoveries]

2014 London, UK London, UK London, UK Amsterdam, Netherlands [SMEs]

Budapest, Hungary [Claims and Recoveris]