The Berne Union and the Prague Club have 81 member companies from around the world. The membership is diverse – member organisations may be private or state linked, small or large. They represent all aspects of the export credit and investment insurance industry worldwide.

Membership criteria

  • Institutions should be underwriters carrying out actual and direct export credit and/or investment insurance business as their core activity.
  • Institutions must have been effectively in operation in the field of credit/investment insurance for a period of at least three years.
  • Institutions should meet certain thresholds for premium income or business covered.
  • If the applicant is engaged in export credit insurance, its operations must include insurance of both commercial and political risks and it must underwrite political risks in a global and general sense.
  • If an institution is engaged in the insurance of outward investment, it must be providing direct insurance against the normal political risks, including expropriation, war and transfer difficulties.

New members
The Berne Union is open to new members who meet our membership criteria. This is to ensure that discussions remain relevant and topical for as many members as possible. Potential members do not have to have a government link – the Berne Union has always comprised a mix of public and private companies.

The Berne Union Prague Club
The Prague Club is an information exchange network for new and maturing insurers of export credit and investment. The first official meeting was held in Prague, and carrying on the tradition the Berne Union began 50 years earlier, the group was named after the city of the inaugural meeting.

Membership is open to

  • Organisations engaged in insuring or guaranteeing export credit transactions and in underwriting the political risks in such transactions and/or in insuring outward investments.
  • Organisations that are not yet legally established but that are in development.

Prague Club members who then join the Berne Union may remain members of the Prague Club.

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