Berne Union Prague Club

The Berne Union Prague Club is an information exchange network for new and maturing insurers of export credit and investment.

The Prague Club supports members in developing their export credit and investment insurance schemes and facilities. It provides this support by hosting regular technical discussions, as well as by facilitating ad-hoc information exchanges.

The Prague Club was started in 1993 by the Berne Union with funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The group was named after the city where its inaugural meeting was held, carrying in the tradition begun by the Berne Union.

Prague Club members were initially Central and Eastern European agencies; membership later expanded to include members from Asia and Africa.

The Prague Club today
The Prague Club is a growing entity, with 38 members from across the globe. Its members insured USD 21.9 billion of exports in 2014. Claims paid amounted to USD 467 million, indemnifying exporters for losses suffered.

A number of Prague Club members have gone on to meet the requirements for full Berne Union membership, but remain active members of the Prague Club.

These are:

  • ATI, Multilateral
  • ECIC SA, South Africa
  • EGAP, Czech Republic
  • EXIMBANKA SR, Slovak Republic
  • ICIEC, Multilateral
  • KUKE, Poland
  • EXIM HUNGARY, Hungary
  • SID, Slovenia
  • THAI EXIMBANK, Thailand

The Prague Club and the Berne Union
The Prague Club and Berne Union have close links and share the same team at the Secretariat. Representatives from the Berne Union are invited to Prague Club meetings as speakers and they also conduct workshops and seminars.