Prague Club Committee

Originally formed in 1993 as a separate venture, the 'Prague Club' became the newest Committee of the Berne Union in May 2016, following a successful vote to integrate the two organisations.


The PCC continues to fulfil the objectives of the original Prague Club:

  • to provide a community to address the particular issues faced by newly formed, locally / regionally focused or smaller scale members of the export credit and investment insurance community
  • to provide information, resources and support for nascent export credit organisations as they proceed through their formal establishment and development stage


The PCC has about 40 member companies: a diverse mix of public, private and multilateral agencies with widely differing business models and products. The majority of these come from smaller home markets - predominantly in Eastern and Central Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and African regions - with a common objective to support the diversification of national exports.

Many PCC members’ countries are internationally assessed as being relatively higher risk markets, resulting in reduced risk appetite or capacity from external insurers. However, the local / regional focus of PCC members means that they often have a different perspective and approach to assessing and managing these risks, precisely because they have a closer understanding of the local companies, political environment, culture and business norms.

Business and products

PCC members provided support for about USD 50 billion of new business in 2018. While this is only a small fraction (around 2%) of overall Berne Union members' business, it has grown remarkably in recent years.

Total volumes of written business are much smaller compared to other Berne Union committees, both in terms of number and size of transaction. The focus is often on support for smaller industries, and for smaller clients - business models are therefore also quite different to that of large international credit insurers.

  • Most PCC members offer products relating to short term trade credit insurance (80% of annual underwritten volumes), including buyer credit, supplier credit and receivables finance 
  • Many also provide medium to long term export credits, and insurance for political risk and investment
  • Pre-shipment working capital and bond insurance or guarantees are new and evolving solutions offered by a number of PCC members

Areas of focus

PCC meetings include in-depth discussions on areas such as:

  • members' business trends and experience
  • the macro trade environment
  • technical insurance issues around underwriting, risk assessment, claims management etc. 

Because of the PCC's unique objectives, important focus areas also include:

  • product development, pricing, marketing 
  • digitalisation and automation


For issues specific to the PCC, contact the Berne Union Secretariat