Commitee Structures

Berne Union members conduct business in one or more of the following areas

  • Short term credit insurance – up to and including one year credit terms
  • Medium/long term credit insurance/lending – more than one year credit terms
  • Investment insurance - political risks on equity investments, bank loans etc. 

Our activities are usually organised by business area. We have four specialist committees and members belong to the committee(s) appropriate for their business.

The committees are:

  • The Short Term (ST) Committee (for short term credit insurance)
  • The Medium/Long Term (MLT) Committee (for medium-long term credit insurance/lending)
  • The Investment (INV) Committee (for investment insurance)
  • Prague Club Committee (for smaller and developing export credit agencies)

Each committee also contains various technical groups. These groups are made up of experts who focus on highly specialist subjects and produce reports and conclusions for the wider membership and industry. For more information on the members, objectives, business areas and contacts covered by each of the committees, click through to the relevant committee page, via the links below: