Berne Union Reports

Berne Union members report data on their export credit and investment business twice annually - at half year and year end. Aggregate statistics are released following our annual Spring Meeting (around May), and AGM (October).

In addition to business trends we publish research and reports on industry developments as these arise.

Business Confidence Index Q4.21

22 November 2021

2021 looks set to end on a high, with a predicted upsurge in demand for cover matched by continued strong risk appetite among underwriters. A moderate anticipated rise in claims may meanwhile presage a smooth normalisation beyond the low COVID-baseline

Notwithstanding some emerging headwinds for trade, growth in demand for ST export credit insurance is expected to sustain through the end of the year, buoyed by rising commodity prices.

While MLT business dipped in the third quarter, respondents predict a significant upsurge in demand for this business line during 4Q in line with recovering levels of foreign direct investment.

4Q is predicted to see higher claims paid across both business lines. However, taken in the context of record low ST claims paid during the pandemic, this appears to be more of a smooth normalisation rather than the start of an avalanche. 

Business Confidence Index Q3.21


The latest BCI research confirms a steady improvement in both demand and risk appetite during the first half of 2021, while emerging claims have remained low. For the first time this year, paid claims are expected to fall in the coming quarter

With global merchandise trade continuing to ...

2020 State of the Industry Report


Despite the huge disruption, uncertainty and heightened risk environment inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the export credit insurance industry fared relatively well in 2020 and overall new business increased despite a sharp contraction in economic activity, while defaults and claims have so far remained manageable.

However, there are s...

Business Confidence Index Q2.21


Continuing the trend established through the end of 2020: while risk appetite remains high, insurers continue preparing for rising claims in the coming months

The export credit and investment insurance industry experienced an overall positive start to 2021 with reports from the first quarte...

Business Confidence Index Q1.21


First of a new report and index tracking perceived demand, risk appetite and claims in export credit insurance

The Berne Union Business Confidence Index is based on quarterly survey snapshots of our Members' assessment of their current and imminent business situation.

In line with ...

Credit Insurance and its role in supporting global trade


Credit insurance provides a bridge between finance, trade and the real economy, acting as a catalyst for cross-border investment and economic growth

This report presents case studies and examples which illustrate the purpose, function and impact of credit insurance in delivering industrial and economic development as well ...

2019 State of the Industry Report


State of the Export Credit Insurance Industry: 2019 YE 

• Pre-COVID benchmark and stocktake on developments in the first half of 2020
• Comprehensive review of Berne Union industry data in 2019
• Commitments outstanding across all product lines
• Trends in new busine...

Export Credit Insurance Industry Response to COVID-19


Robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the export credit insurance industry

All sides of the market have acted swiftly in response to the crisis, introducing measures to combat the negative economic impact of the pandemic by supporting exporters and facilitating access to finance.

This preliminary report outli...

Industry Report 2019 H1


Business trends and statistics from the export credit and investment insurance industry for the first half of 2019

Data for the first half of 2019 confirms a challenging trade environment. Insurers reported a declining volume of new commitments alongside a 21% increase in claims paid, ci...

Industry Report 2018 YE