Berne Union Business Statistics

Berne Union members report data on their export credit and investment business twice annually - at half year and year end.

Aggregate statistics are released following our annual Spring Meeting (May), and AGM (October). These include volumes of new business, claims, recoveries and outstanding exposure for each reporting line, showing top countries and regional figures.

The latest statistics are available to download via the links below. 

As the owner of this data, the Berne Union reserves all rights. Any third party publication or other use of Berne Union data is permitted on a strictly non-commercial basis, and only with express prior permission. Please contact with any questions.

Berne Union Statistics 2018 YE

2 August 2019

Berne Union Statistics 2014 - 2018

- Berne Union Totals: new business, exposure, claims, recoveries (by business line, provider and region)
- ST: aggregate credit limits, turnover, claims, recoveries (by provider and region)
- MLT: new commitments, exposure, claims, recoveries, offers (by obligor and region)
- INV: new commitments, exposure, claims, recoveries (by cover type and region)

.zip file download contacts: pdf charts, excel tables and data commentary from Berne Union Spring Periodical

2018 Industry Statistics - Charts Only


Download of pdf charts only for 2018 YE Data

2018 Industry Statistics - Data Tables


Download of data tables only for 2018 YE Data