Berne Union Meetings

The Berne Union organises an annual calendar of physical meetings, online webinars and training, including two General Meetings (in the Spring, and Autumn) as well as a number of technical workshops and outreach meetings on specialist topics.

Meetings are ordinarily for Members and invited guests only, but fomr time to time we also collaborate to hold joint meetings with industry partners.

Further details on events are below. Members should ensure they are logged in to register or view relevant documents.

Project Finance Webinar Series

Jan 2022
Online / Shindig
A series of online webinars beginning Autumn 2021, exploring current trends in project finance activity: deal ...

Prague Club Committee Biennial Meeting - Dubai

8-10 Feb 2022
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ECI will be hosting the Prague Club Committee meeting in Dubai from 8 - 10 February 2022

Digitalisation Specialist Meeting - Como

23-25 Feb 2022
Como, Italy
Specialist meeting to discuss developments in the field of digitalisation and customer experience

Spring Meeting 2022 - Brussels

28-1 Mar 2022
Brussels, Belgium
The 2022 Spring Meeting will take place from 28 March - 1 April, in Brussels, Belgium

Country Risk Specialist Meeting - Seoul

May 2022
Seoul, Korea Rep.
KSURE will be hosting country risk specialists in May 2022 in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting

11-13 May 2022
London, United Kingdom
The 2022 Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting will take place on 11-13 May, in London, UK, hosted by UKEF

MLT Technical Panel

Jun 2022
United States
The MLT TP will take place in June 2022.

Two part webinar on Sub-Saharan Africa: Sovereign debt restructuring & Future sustainable investments

4 Nov 2021
Webinar with members sharing their experiences in Sub-Saharan Africa

Annual General Meeting Budapest 2021

11-15 Oct 2021
Budapest, Hungary
The 2021 AGM took place between 11-15 October, in Budapest Hungary

ST Committee Webinar

6 Oct 2021
Webinar for the ST Committee members week before the 2021 AGM

SME Specialist Webinar

8 Sep 2021
One day webinar, as a substitute to cancelled in-person SME practitioners meeting in Moscow, Russia

MLT Technical Panel Webinar

8 Jul 2021
The MLT TP will take place on 8 July 2021, online

Capacity Sharing Marketplace: Cooperation for climate impact

7-10 Jun 2021
Practical workshop exploring how public and private sources of international finance can cooperate to tackle g...

Risk Underwriting during the Pandemic

26-27 May 2021
Discussion for members of the Berne Union's ECA Committee on approaches to risk underwriting during the COVID-...

ECA Climate Strategies & Policies

20 May 2021
Discussion for members of the Berne Union's ECA Committee on approaches to climate

Spring Meeting 2021

4-10 May 2021
The Berne Union will hold its 2021 Spring Meetings online in May

MLT Committee online meeting

26 Apr 2021
The online meeting will discuss the vision for the MLT Committee and the ongoing collaboration between the Mem...

ICC EFC-BU ECA Committee Workshop

20 Apr 2021
Joint workshop for members of the ICC Banking Commission’s Export Finance Committee and Berne Union ECA Commit...

Potentials and Barriers for SME Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa

15 Apr 2021
Webinar with members sharing their experiences supporting private companies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Claims and recoveries in USA

8 Apr 2021
A webinar on claims and recoveries in the United States will be held on 8 April 2021.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: Sustainable Finance "An overview" Webinar

8 Apr 2021
A webinar on Sustainable Finance and ESG hosted by the Young Professionals

Digitalisation Specialist Webinar

30-31 Mar 2021
A Digitalisation Specialist webinar will be held as a series of two webinars during 30-31 March

LIBOR Transition Webinar

25 Mar 2021
A webinar on LIBOR Transition will be held on 25 March 2021.

Claims and Recoveries Webinar

Mar 2021
A short series of webinars will be held between March and May - details of individuals events tbc

BU-ICISA Regulatory Webinar

9 Dec 2020
Online Webinar
2020 BU-ICISA Regulatory Meeting will be held as a series of three online webinars - 25 November, 2 December a...

Capacity Sharing Marketplace: How is the Marketplace Adjusting Amid the Crisis?

7-10 Dec 2020
Online Webinar
Practical workshop exploring how COVID, Climate and Globalisation are disrupting traditional finance structure...

Country Risk Specialist Workshop

16 Nov 2020
Online Workshop
Interactive workshop curated by the Eurasia Group

The Advances of Use of Blockchain Technology

11 Nov 2020
During the webinar the representatives from global law firm Clyde & Co will give their view on the advances of...

2020 Annual General Meeting

12-16 Oct 2020
The 2020 AGM will take place online during the week 12-16 October. Featuring presentations, webinars and video...

IfTI Global Symposium 2020

16-17 Sep 2020
Offenburg / Gengenbach, Germany + Online Virtual
The 2020 Symposium will discuss prospects and practical issues how public and private actors can support innov...

Claims & Recoveries Webinar Series - 2020

30-31 Jun 2020
A series of Webinar's are being held from 30th June. Here you can find the schedule for up coming webinars and...

CANCELLED: Spring Meeting 2020

11-15 May 2020
Budapest, Hungary
The 2020 Spring Meeting will take place in May - hosted in Budapest by EXIM Hungary.

CANCELLED: 2020 Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting

Apr 2020
London, United Kingdom
The 2020 Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting hosted by UKEF in London, UK

Hyderabad Annual General Meeting 2019

20-24 Oct 2019
Hyderabad, India
The 2019 AGM will take place in October - hosted in Hyderabad by ECGC.

SME Marketing Workshop

19-20 Sep 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
EKN will be hosting a SME marketing focused workshop in Stockholm from 19 - 20 September

Country Risk Specialist Meeting

24-25 Jun 2019
Bratislava, Slovakia
The Country Risk Specialist Meeting will take place from 24 - 25 June 2019, hosted by Eximbanka SR in Bratisla...

Reinsurance Specialist Meeting

23-24 May 2019
Pula, Croatia
The 2019 Specialist Meeting on Reinsurance will take place on 23 - 24 May, in Pula, Croatia, hosted by HBOR

Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting 2019

8-10 May 2019
Istanbul, Turkey
The 2019 Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting will take place on 9-10 May, in Istanbul, hosted by TURKEXIM...

Singapore Spring Meeting 2019

8-12 Apr 2019
Co-hosted by AXA XL, Chubb, Liberty and Zurich, supported by Enterprise Singapore

Rating and Pricing MLT Commercial Risks

25-26 Mar 2019
Washington DC, United States
The 2019 Rating and Pricing MLT Commercial Risks Specialist Meeting will take place on 25-26 March, in Washing...

Prague Club Workshop

12-14 Feb 2019
Muscat, Oman
The 2019 PCC Specialist Meeting Workshop will be hosted by Credit Oman in February 2019

Project Finance Specialist Meeting

28-30 Nov 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The 2018 Project Finance Specialist Meeting will take place in 28-30 November, in Rio de Janeiro, hosted by AB...

Berne Union / ICISA Joint Specialist Meeting: Surety Bonds & Bond Insurance 2018

27-28 Nov 2018
Paris, France
The first ever Berne Union / ICISA Joint Specialist Meeting: Surety Bonds & Bond Insurance will take place 27-...

Paris Annual General Meeting 2018

15-19 Oct 2018
Paris, France
The 2018 AGM will take place in October - hosted in Paris by Bpifrance

IfTI Global Symposium: Financing. Impact. Together.

19-20 Jun 2018
Offenburg University, Germany
high-level symposium tackling the issue of modernising the trade and development finance landscape to serve fu...

SME Specialist Meeting 2018

6-8 Jun 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia
The 2018 SME Specialist Meeting will take place 7-8 June in Ljubljana, hosted by SID Banka.

Kilifi Spring Meeting 2018

18-23 Mar 2018
Kilifi, Kenya
The Berne Union 2018 Spring Meeting is taking place in Kenya, hosted by ATI

Claims & Recoveries Specialist Meeting 2017

29-1 Nov 2017
Madrid, Spain
The 2017 Claims and Recoveries Specialist Meeting will take place in November, in Madrid, jointly hosted by XL...

Belgrade Annual General Meeting 2017

1-5 Oct 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia: the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers; historic meeting point of cultures and civilis...

INV Technical Panel 2017

14-15 Sep 2017
Washington D.C., United States
The INV Technical Panel meeting will take place in Washington DC, USA on 14 and 15 September 2017 and will be ...

Data Workshop 2017

30-31 Aug 2017
United Kingdom
The Data Workshop will take place in London, UK on 30 and 31 August 2017

Copenhagen Spring Meeting 2017

15-17 May 2017
Hygge Abounds in the Danish Capital as EKF hosted Berne Union members of the ST/MLT/INV committees for their 2...

Kasane Spring Meeting 2017

10-12 Apr 2017
Located in the heart of Southern Africa: Kasane showcased the culture, heritage and stunning natural environme...

Lisbon Annual General Meeting 2016

24-26 Oct 2016
Lisbon: city of sun and departure port for the 16th Century voyages of discovery - COSEC gave a warm welcome t...