The 2019 Country Risk Specialist Meeting will be hosted by Eximbanka SR at the Crown Plaza, Bratislava from 24 - 25 June 
Please note the meeting is planned back to back to the OECD meeting (26 - 27 June) to accommodate overseas travellers
(there are 5 flight a day from Vienna to Paris)

2019 CRSM Steering Committee :
•    CESCE: María José Chaguaceda Sáinz
•    EKF: Jørn Fredsgaard Sorensen
•    EXIAR: Dmitri Fedotkin
•    EXIMBANKA SR: Silvia Gavorníková,  the Chair, and Terézia Maneková
•    SINOSURE: Ms Xu Tian and Mr Pu Yu
•    ZURICH: Nuria Gorog
•    BU Secretariat: Eve Hall