A series of Webinar's are being held weekly between 30th June and 30th July and then again from mid September to mid December in lieu of the cancelled Claims & Recoveries Meeting which was due to take place in London in April 2020.

Please find below the schedule for the up coming webinars. All webinars are free to attend and all recordings of the webinars will be uploaded in the PRESENTATIONS tab.

Please click the links below to register your participation. Please note if your company's IT security restricts you from downloading the GoToWebinar application, you are able to watch the presenation live using your mobile phone. You will receive an email from the Secretariat prior to the meeting with the same link which you can use to register and log in. 

30 June, 11:00 London time. Civil unrest: What does it mean for political violence insurers? An explanation of political violence perils and worked recent examples by Clyde&Co



7 July, 11:00 London time. Perfect Recovery Plan: Essential clauses for an enforceable repayment schedule by International Advisors



21 July, 11:00 London time. The future of LIBOR: how does it affect our loans and policies? (if any) by LMA and MayerBrown



30 July, 13:00 London time.  Arbitration: Pros and cons, key features of arbitration procedure, challenges and case studies by PaulHastings