Industry Stocktake: Business Trends, Claims, Risk and Policy during the Pandemic

The 2020 AGM will take place online during the week 12-16 October. We are organising a series of presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions to be delivered via webinar, daily from 12:00 UK time. Each committee is preparing various pieces of content, resulting in a mix of closed, joint and open sessions throughout the week.

Please note that there is no cost to participate in any portion of the meeting and we encourage Members to promote the participation of any number of colleagues to whom the topics are relevant, especially junior staff, topic specialists and others who are not regularly involved in Berne Union meetings. 

The Plenary Meeting on Thursday 15th October includes important information on Committee Restructuring, Presidential Platform 2020-2022 and 2021 Budget. Members should ensure they are represented during this session, or email the Secretary General in advance.

The deadline to register is 05th October 2020. Please ensure you have completed and submitted all relevant pre-meeting surveys, via the links below by 15th September 2020.

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