Workshop focused on cooperation for climate finance


Our objective is to work together with participants to identify common roadblocks to cooperative climate finance and develop a catalogue of approaches to overcome these, based on the experience and ideas of participants.

Help us plan the meeting by sharing your views and experience

We are asking practitioners in trade and development finance to share views, experiences and case studies in advance to help us structure the discussions and plan follow-up for this collaborative project.

Share a case study / example of successful cooperation and innovation
Tell us about new products or changes to policy / processes in your institution
 Help us identify the biggest challenges to financing climate impact

Please take a moment to submit your input via this online survey before 26th March 2021

The CSM initiative continues to explore opportunities for cooperation between public and private sector financial institutions to address gaps in finance for climate, transition and sustainabile development.

The overall objective continues to be facilitating exchange of information among the various stakeholders of international finance:

public / private | insurance / finance | traditional / fintech | trade / development | domestic / cross-border