MLT Committee online meeting

As part of the process and development of the new MLT Committee’s identity,  we would like to have an open discussion with you about the new MLT Committee’s long-term role and agenda.

To define those, we invite you to share with us your ideas and expectations from the Committee leadership, as well as the Committee itself.

The proposed meeting should take place online on Monday 26 April 2021, starting at 12:00 London time. Registration is free!

(7:00 DC time, 12:00 London, 13:00 most of EU, 19:00 Beijing, 20:00 Seoul/Tokyo, 21:00 Sydney, 23:00 Wellington)

The meeting should foster better integration of and better communication between our Members, by offering the following 2 sessions:

Committee vision: in the first hour, please share the ideas of the Chair and Vice Chair, followed by an open discussion among the Members.

The shared ideas will be discussed and implemented into the Committee’s long-term goal/objectives/deliverables.


Public-private-partnership: in the second hour, we will share the current state-of-play on the cooperation between the Members, with special regards to reinsurance between the Members.

The panel discussion will accommodate all perspectives.

To assist with the preparations, please complete the respective pre-meeting survey by no later than 2 April.