The Young Professionals Core Group will facilitate the final Virtual MeetUp of 2022 with a lively and informal discussion amongst all YP's to sum up the major challenges faced this year, and how they are overcoming them. The incentive behind this MeetUp is to share and support one another by listening and offering support on issues many of us have or will face. Not only this, but we will continue our networking to create new contacts across the globe!

The YP Core Group have been 'recruiting' new members, during this MeetUp you will get to meet them!

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction of all new Core Group members
  2. YP Forum Report back
  3. Feedback from a few YP’s who were present at the Forum
  4. Talent Recruiting Concept - short presentation from one of our Young Professionals on how their ECA finds and retains young, talented staff.
  5. QUESTION FOR ALL YP’s: What was the biggest challenge you faced this year, and how have you/are you overcoming it?