Welcome to 2023's second Hangout!

On 28th June at (12:00 UK time) we will host our second friendly hangout of the year. It will be a one hour session for you to meet each other and get to know the differences between the Berne Union members (private and ECA) and how we can learn from each other. We will have a great mix of YPs from all over the BU membership so please come along and meet as many people as possible, ask questions, and learn from each other!.

To kick start this event, we are searching for two Young Professionals from both Private and ECA members, willing to offer and explore the differences between their companies and mandates. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Karolina Stenberg: Karolina.Stenberg@ekn.se

Please register your attendance now!

The agenda will consist of:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Meet and greet for all new YP members
  3. Feedback and experiences from those YPs who attended the Spring Meeting in Brussels
  4. Insights into the differences between the BU membership organisations
  5. Learning point – "Did you know the BU database is accessible here ...."
  6. Closing remarks

We are looking forward to see you all!