As part of its second workstream, the BU Climate Working Group is collating a series of bite-sized 'explainer' videos exploring organisational and process adjustments which support low-carbon transition


Bpifrance's environmental social and climate team present an explainer on carbon footprint assessment

  • Defining carbon footprint as an indicator measuring the impact of any activity on the environment, and the GHG emissions linked to this
  • The importance of carbon footprint measurement to overall climate objectives, decarbonisation strategy and international targets
  • Presentation of Bpifrance's calculation methodology based on  annual emissions associated with technology, operation, duration, sectoral data and carbon intensity.
  • Lessons learned including avoiding double-counting, ensuring access to the most accurate data as this evolves and understanding the limits of a statistical approach

Presented by Elsa Pancek, Mathilde Moreau and Léa Fréneaux