Policy Coherence
and Alignment

Policy implementation

Our work on policy coherence and alignment is based around unpicking the complex policy landscape and providing useful reference for developments and implementation in this area

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Fireplace Chat with Thomas Hale: Global Stocktake

What does it mean to be Paris Aligned? What are the outcomes of the global stocktake on climate action?

COP28 saw the “global stocktake” finalise. Berne Union Climate Working Group was there to address where we are against our targets.

  • What sectors are changing and how do we accelerate implementation?
  • What is the role of trade? Is there a paradigm shift underway in the trade regime: trade as a means to sustainable development?
  • What is the role of finance? What is the role of ECAs?
  • How to learn rapidly and build capacity to deliver ‘traditional’ objectives in the context of a climate change?

Listen to a recording from the CWG workshop held on 6th December 2023 featuring Thomas Hale, Professor in Global Public Policy, University of Oxford and Chair of the Expert Peer Review Group for the UN’s Race to Zero

Interviewed by Karin Wessman, Head of Sustainability, EKN and Chair of the Berne Union Climate Working Group