Historic Timeline


1934: Berne Union founded by three private credit insurers from France, Italy, Spain, and the UK’s public sector representative.

UK Export Finance, ECGD at the time, is the only founding member that is still in existence under its original form


1934: First meeting held in Berne, Switzerland

(which is where the name Berne Union comes from)


1947: Berne Union welcomes its first non-European member, Export Development Canada (EDC)


Berne Union Secretariat established in Paris, France


1954 Berne Union statutes

Excerpt: “the present statutes approved by the General Assembly of 7th May 1954 will come into force as from that date. Each member will receive a copy”


1957: EPIC (now EFIC) Australia joins the Berne Union


1957: Berne Union welcomes first Asian member

"The Export Risks Insurance Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.(ERIC)", later known as "Export Credit & Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.", and now "ECGC Ltd."


1957: The Berne Union hires its first Secretary General, Mr. Wladyslaw Houwalt


1958: Berne Union welcomes its first African member CGIC South Africa


Membership continues to expand


1970: The Berne Union’s mandate expands to include members who insure foreign investments; creation of the investment insurance committee (IIC)


1973: First Latin American member joins

(CASC, Argentina)


1974: The Berne Union has 32 members from 24 countries


1984: Berne Union celebrates its 50th anniversary;

Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Montreux, Switzerland


Berne Union members start to report business data


1989: Collapse of the Berlin wall which led to the creation of Eastern European export credit agencies


1992: Berne Union elects first Asian President, Mr. K. S. Foo (ECICS, Singapore)


1993: Foundation of the Prague Club with support from EBRD

The Prague Club aims to support new and maturing export credit agencies and insurers setting up and developing export credit and investment insurance schemes


1994: Berne Union elects first female President

(Soledad Abad, CESCE)


1994: First multi-lateral agency joins, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)


1999: The export credit members formed two committees focusing on short term (ST) and medium-long term (MLT), ECA only, export credit business


1999: First Prague Club member joins the Berne Union, Export Credit Insurance Corporation Joint Stock Company (KUKE), Poland


2001: American International Group (AIG) joins Berne Union


2004: Berne Union Value Statement created


2006: Berne Union Guiding Principles created


2008 – 2009: global financial crisis


2009: Berne Union celebrates its 75th anniversary;

Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Seoul, Korea


2013: Prague Club celebrates 20th anniversary in Prague


2014: Berne Union celebrates its 80th anniversary


2016: Berne Union and Prague Club formally integrate

The integration was confirmed at the 2016 Warsaw Spring Meeting, with the amended statutes adopted soon after


2017: New Berne Union now represents 84 members from 73 countries worldwide